Asynchronous brushless servomotors designed to combine very high performance, low cogging and low torque ripple.


  • Designed to allow high current overloads.
  • Wide range of torques between 0.18 and 200 Nm.
  • Wide choice of connection/cabling, from classic cable outlet to M15-M40 interconnectron connectors.
  • Wide range of feedbacks available, from resolver to incremental or absolute encoder, including Hiperface DSL for single cable solutions.
  • Optional holding brake
  • Motor temperature control with standard PTC or PT1000 sensor.
  • Rare earth high-temperature magnets
  • 8-pole construction
  • Sinusoidal EMF
  • Integrated thermal protection
  • Protection Level: IP55
  • Standards: CE
  • Low cogging
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Asynchronous brushless servomotors




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Asynchronous brushless servomotors