With its compact design and easy commissioning, this motor integrated servo drive is the technical evolution of motion control with a decentralized philosophy.


  • Drive power supply 190-350 Vdc
  • Based on motors with 80 mm flange, torque from 1.3 to 3.4 Nm.
  • Thanks to a sophisticated engineering solution, the drive doesn’t need to be downgraded in terms of performance or power delivered to the motor, despite thrust integration and on-board housing of the motor.
  • Thanks to the integrated feedback, the product has good speed accuracy and position control.
  • Feedback: Resolver
  • Fieldbus: CAN Open DS402 – S-CAN, S-NET, modBUS RTU
  • 3 digital Inputs
  • Protection Level: IP55
  • Standards: CE
  • 2 operation mode: Standard or positioner with 3 independent profiles
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Movement control evolution




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Movement control evolution