This drive boasts excellent performance/price ratio to control small/medium size brushless servomotors.


  • For small/medium size brushless servomotors powered at 230 Vac and rated up to 1 kW or vector asynchronous motor up to 1.3 kW.
  • 4 A nominal current to allow a decentralized motion control approach, executed by CANOpen DS402 or ModBUS fieldbus.
  • RISC microprocessors for high control dynamics and firmware with preloaded functions (pulse positioner, control with analog reference, control based on field bus with ethernet interface, etc.).
  • Different feedback input from the brushless servomotors like incremental encoder or BiSS absolute encoder, for high resolution positioning.
  • Easy setup with to Drivewatcher software.
  • Full ESA motor database preinstalled.
  • SIL2 certified STO integrated safety circuit to reduce time and costs, no additional cabling needed.
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For small servomotors




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For small servomotors